"Kliff" Co-Branded Diode laser uses the optimal hair removal wavelength of 810nm diode for deep penetration into the dermis where the hair follicle is located. In treatment procedure, a series of low fluence, high repetition pulses increases the temperature of both the hair follicle and the surrounding, nourishing tissue to 45 degree Celsius. This more gradual heat delivery uses the chromophores into the surround tissue as reservoirs to effectively heat up the hair follicle. This along with the heat energy absorbed directly by the hair follicle, damages the follicle and prevents re-growth.

The device has large spot size tip & delivers high fluence up to 100J/cm2 with upto 10 Hz pulse frequency. Sapphire contact cooling provides protection of the epidermis with no risk of freezing and maximum comfort for the patient before, during and after the treatment. It allows to treat more patients with dual technics from single unit (stamping & moving) used mainly for reduction of unwanted hair in armpit, face, chest, back and bikini line.

Diode Laser (808nm) Model: FG 2000B Model : FG 2000C
Laser Type 808nm Diode Laser (Germany Dilas Laser)
Wavelength 808nm
Display 8.4" Color Touch LCD Screen 15" Color Touch LCD Screen
Output Power 1000 W 1500 W
Spot Size 12 x 12 mm2 12 x 10 mm2
Pulse Width 8 to 685 ms adjustable
Pulse Energy  2 to 120 J/cm2 adjustable
Frequency 0.5 - 10 Hz
Cooling System Water+ Air + Semi Conductor
Temperature of Probe 0~3 C
Dimensions of Machine 42 x 63 x 54 cms 59 x 59 x 126 cms
Dimentions of Packing 66 x 66 x 73 cms 70 x 70 x 146 cms
New Weight 30 kgs 45 kgs