E light (IPL/RF) beauty equipment is combination of IPL and RF technology. It directly acts on the deeper skin tissue through the bipolar radio heating, integrating the guide of IPL (intensive pulse light).

E light system adopts both the advantages of IPL and RF, the impedance of target skin tissue and normal skin tissue are different because of the selectivity of skin. It can absorb more RF energy when the IPL energy is low. this will avoid the side effects and uncomfortable caused by IPL machine.

The probe can be felt very cold, this would solve the problem of the heat that is produced by the high energy of IPL and at the same time, the impedance of derma skin increases, which reduces the absorbility of RF energy; all this makes it safer and offers better results. It can also work on light color target skin tissue. That is the advantage of E light system.

E-Light / IPL Model: FG 580
Controller 7.4" Color Touch LCD Display
Output Power 1500 W
IPL Energy 1 to 50J
Pulse Duration 1 to 9.9 ms
Pulse Delay 1 to 99 ms
RF Frequency 6 Mhz
Pulse/Discharge Interval 1 to 4 sec
Pulse Number 1 to 6
Cooling System Semiconductor+ air+water+Cooling Gel
Skin Cooling < 0 to 10 degree C
Dimensions of Machine 50 x 36 x 37 cms
Dimentions of Packing 60 x 67 x 67 cms
New Weight 20 kgs
Gross Weight 37 kgs