"Kliff" make UV-C Probe disinfection unit is a simple & reliable way to kill germs, bacteria & viruses present in all medical instruments in particular for all types of probes which has high level of virus & bacteria & need disinfection before every use. The unit is provided with a provision to hang the probe & will sterilize the complete probe. The unit also has 4 number casters with 2 brake wheels to provide easy  mobility & portability.

  Description UV Probe Disinfectant
1 Lamp Type Germicidal Lamps
2 Lamp Wavelength 254nm
3 Number of Lamps 14 Nos
4 Lamp Usage ~ 9000 Hrs
5 Operating Type Timer with 30Min Max
6 Sterilization Time 7-10 Minutes
7 Unit Power 350 Watts
8 Operating Voltage AC 230V/50Hz
9 Unit Dimensions 650 x 500 x 1200 mm (W x D x H)
10 Utility Space 550 x 450 x 1100 mm
11 Power Consumption 400 watts


  • Optimum power lamps for effective sterilization/disinfection
  • Mirror Type Aluminum Reflector for optimum efficiency
  • Proximity switch for auto cutoff for human safety
  • Safety Grills on both sides for lamp protection
  • Compact design with more utility space
  • Timer option for flexibility
  • Cumulative lamp usage hours
  • Safety from electric short circuit
  • Safety from electric shock
  • Green Technology with UV Technology
  • Safety hook for probes
  • Casters with brake for easy mobility